Private lessons with Tom are now available worldwide over the internet via Skype.
Skype is a totally free service, very quick and easy to use.
All you need is a computer, web-cam and microphone (most Laptops now have cameras and microphones built in).
If you are interested in using Skype, you can find out more by clicking

Skype lessons are the same as a private one to one, just using a camera & saving on travel costs! Everything covered during each lesson is structured directly to the needs of the student and can also be recorded via a ‘Call Recorder’, which can also be downloaded free. ‘My philosophy to teaching lap slide is to help the student discovers their own sound whilst concentrating on why they want to learn. For example, are they wanting to play solo, as an accompanist, just at home, in public, professionally, or all of these options’? Lessons are all individually tailored to suit.

Students can learn all styles of Acoustic Lap Slide playing, including styles, techniques and most genres of music。

Recent lessons have included;
How to improvise, a new arrangement of Ishman Bracey ‘Shaggy Hound Blues’ left and right hand syncopation, timing, irregular tunings, Jazz standards Country Blues Fingerpicking.

Priced at £20 per 40 minute session, lessons are bespoke tailored and paced to suit each individual student.
E-mail Tom here to book your Skype lesson….




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  • 13/03/19 - 30/09/19 Tom Doughty in Oswestry, Southport, Aylesbury, London, Cardiff, Salisbury, Middlesborough, Sheffield, Wakefield, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin at UK Spinal Units Tour: Workshops and Concerts
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